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Website Development

It’s time to create a website that actually works and represents your business.


The Innovator Package is perfect for start-up’s with smaller budgets, ad campaigns needing landing pages or referral-based businesses. Innovator consists of a single, mobile-responsive web page. The perfect starting platform.


Our Achiever Package consists of two web pages website allowing small businesses to have all the room needed to showcase completed work, menu’s, galleries, services and more all while staying cost-effective.

frontier PACKAGE

Our Frontier Packages consist of three or more pages. Perfect for small business that requires dedicated pages for each their service. Frontier Packages also include the creation of online stores, blogs or any other online feature your business may require.

When it comes to website development or website design (however you want to call it) 4Stripes Digital understand the fundamentals of any website. 1) What are you trying to sell, 2) To whom are you trying to sell, 3) Does it represent your business/brand, 4) Is the website user-friendly.

“But these are questions, not fundamentals?”

Combining the answers to these basic questions are what forms the foundation of any website. It’s all about going back to basics. Provide protests with easy to follow links and descriptions to your services/products,

ensure that both the design and copy speaks to your new prospect, dress the site in a manner that fits the ‘image’ of your business (Be Recognisable), and make the experience pleasant and hassle-free.

So what are we on about? – Below are three perfect examples!

Multi-Page Website

Wiretec Electrical

Based in Wellington, Wiretec Electrical provides residential and commercial electrical services. Multiple improvements were made to the new site including a new design, better performance, professional SEO optimized copy and a user-friendly experience.

Multi-Page Website


GrowthMatters is a business coach working exclusively within the Trades Industry. The aim of this website was to have the brand along with Karl Martin (Owner), front and centre.

GrowthMatters is all about results, therefore the content and design on the website needed to be a visual representation of the way GrowthMatters conducts business. The sleek, easy to use, straight the point look, set the tone for the one on one meetings that Karl has with every customer.

Online Store

KitMeOut Beauty Supplies

KitMeOut is an online beauty supply store that sells products in Zealand and Australia. The store is complete with a mobile extension to track sales and get notifications of new sales. 

From a design perspective, the shop, sales items, popular and recently added products are some of the first things visitors see. Dressed in bright pink and yelling all things ‘girly’, the site speaks to each customer.

payment options

Empowering your business!

Pay your website in two equal payments. 50% before and 50% after.

Pay your website off over 4 months with four equal payments.

Pay your website off over 6 months with six equal payments.

Pay your website off over 8 months with eight equal payments.